Key Highlights:

  1. Python and Data Science Foundations:
  2. Dive into Python, the language of choice for machine learning and AI.
  3. Master the principles of data science, including data analysis, visualization, and interpretation.
  4. Neural Networks and AI Concepts:
    • Explore the fundamentals of neural networks and AI algorithms.
    • Develop practical skills in designing, implementing, and evaluating machine learning models.
  5. Image Processing Techniques:
  6. Learn advanced image processing methods and algorithms.
  7. Apply your knowledge to real-world scenarios involving image recognition and computer vision.
  8. Hands-On Training:
  9. Engage in practical, hands-on sessions guided by experienced mentors.
  10. Work on projects that simulate real-world challenges in machine learning and AI.
  11. Job Training and Placement Assistance:
  12. Acquire skills aligned with the latest industry demands for AI and machine learning roles.
  13. Avail placement assistance, leveraging AiROBOSOFT’s network for potential opportunities in MNCs.


  • Internship Hosted by AiROBOSOFT Products And Services

Overview: Embark on an immersive Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence internship with AiROBOSOFT. This one-month program is meticulously crafted to provide hands-on experience in Python, Data Science, Neural Networks, Image Processing, and React.js, preparing you for job training and placements in leading MNCs.

Duration: This one-month internship offers an intensive and immersive learning experience, allowing you to quickly gain practical skills in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Outcome: Upon completion, you’ll possess hands-on experience in AI and machine learning, a robust portfolio showcasing your skills, and the potential for placements in esteemed MNCs.

Enroll Today: Seize the opportunity to kickstart your career in the dynamic field of AI and machine learning. Join AiROBOSOFT’s one-month internship program, where hands-on learning meets industry relevance, paving the way for success in MNC placements. Elevate your skills and become a sought-after professional in the evolving world of artificial intelligence.


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