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Machine Learning & AI

I highly recommend this course for all budding data scientists. Even people with no prior knowledge of any programming language, can learn from scratch & become a master after completing this course.

Abhishek AN


I have done my Internship in this company affiliated under VTU,
It was a nice experience, learnt so many things, and done hands on projects. A very friendly environment, good technical team. Overall happy for being a part of this Internship.

Hema Bhavi

Embedded Systems

To be Honest, Session contents were top notch, I worked as Embedded systems Intern Here & learned a lot from this online platform.

Rohit Sampannavar

Full Stack Software Development

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn coding skills through internship in Airobosoft. Code content having Java full stack development from the very basics has helped me a lot.

Soundarya HS

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