Tableau Specialization for Data Analysis



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Online training that prepares you to become Data Analyst and effectively analyze data using Python, Tableau & Excel. By the end of this specialization, you will be able to generate powerful reports and dashboards that will help people make decisions and take action based on their business data. You will use Tableau to create high-impact visualizations of common data analyses to help you see and understand your data. You will apply predicative analytics to improve business decision making. The Specialization culminates in a Capstone Project in which you will use sample data to create visualizations, dashboards, and data models to prepare a presentation to the executive leadership of a fictional company. Skills you’ll gain :
  • Storyboarding
  • Tableau Software
  • Data Visualization (DataViz)
  • Data Virtualization
  • Visualization (Computer Graphics)
  • Interactive Visualization
  • Visual Analytics

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